On my way to…

Here I am in Sao Paulo’s airport waiting for my flight. The first question aroused in me is: What the hell am I doing leaving a Brazilian summer for a New York City winter? One of the reasons is, as always, the possibility of meeting a lot of people who eat, breathe, sleep, walk on the same specific, crazy and beautiful field. That includes (very specially) my companions in the Artist Fellows program.

This beautiful initiative from the APAP crew will reunite artists from different fields and places to exchange and collaborate in something that usually we don’t have a lot of opportunities to discuss: our expectations and relations with the whole structure ( sometimes, not so much!!) of the arts and cultural industry. We will see how each one of us is creating, surviving, growing. And then we can bring some of these reflections to the other professionals who are part of the APAP|NYC 2011 conference.

And I have some worries: Will people from all sides of this business really be interested in our points of view? Can we really challenge them? Let’s see!

Here’s the plot for my time at the conference: It’s an adventure. And of course, we’ll have some fun, and we’ll have the arts!

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One Response to On my way to…

  1. Alaine Handa says:

    I love reading the stories. What a great idea to have this for APAP 2011!

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