Five reasons to be a mentor at APAP|NYC 2012


Think back: Who are the people who most influenced you as a professional? Now think again: Who was your first mentor — formal or informal — at your first Arts Presenters annual conference? Mentors change the world — one person at a time. The echo of mentoring through the years and through the field is lasting. If you’re attending APAP|NYC 2012 and know you are free 3-4:30 p.m. Friday, January 6, kick off your conference experience by serving as a mentor for a small group of first-time attendees at the New Colleague Orientation. It’s an inspiring experience for you and a valuable connection for the person you mentor. Why? Here are our top five reasons for mentoring. What are yours?

1. Help a new colleague – Sharing knowledge and experience with new colleagues can dramatically enhance experience at APAP|NYC and ensure they have a successful inaugural conference.

2. Learn something – Who’s sitting next to you? You never know! Get new ideas, techniques or approaches just by showing up.

3. Expand your network – Make friends here, and take the friendship — and connection — home for a lifetime.

4. Share something – As a seasoned conference goer, why not pass along a tip or trick that has worked for you year after year?

5. Support the field – By mentoring, you make a high quality contribution to the performing arts field. (And APAP appreciates you!)

For more information about mentoring at APAP|NYC 2012, contact membership manager Sue Noseworthy at 202.207.3841 or

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